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grier-brutGRIER BRUT

Méthode traditionnelle

In his youth, Jean Louis Denois ventured off the beaten track from Champagne to the Southern tip of Africa where he met the Grier family of Villiera wines. He offered to share the secrets of bubbly production and a rewarding relationship developed. In an unconstrained new world environment, Villiera became leaders in classic method sparkling wine. The French connection lured them to France and Domaine Grier was born. We celebrate our presence in the South of France with “Grier Brut”, a classic bottle fermented sparkling wine made from a blend of classic and Catalan varieties including a portion of Blanc de Noir.


Maccabeu 50 %
Carignan noir 35% en blanc de noir
Chardonnay 15%

Wine making

The grapes were harvested early by hand to ensure fresh acidity and healthy fruit. Whole bunch pressing and fraction separation was necessary to limit phenolic content. The Chardonnay component was sourced in Limoux and the balance came from our vineyard in St Paul de Fenouillet. The juice was cold settled prior to fermentation and upon completion the MLF was prevented. After blending and stabilisation, the wine was bottled in January 2010 for the second fermentation in the bottle. Disgorging occurred in December 2016.

Tasting notes

Lively and fresh to drink now with hints of brioche, raspberry and spice. The finesse on the mid palate extends to complexity on the finish and the use of Blanc de Noir in the blend lends an attractive coppery, golden hue to the appearance. It is ideal as an aperitif or with delicate seafood dishes.


Sucres résiduels : 6g/l
Alcool : 11,5 % vol
Acidité totale : 6 g/l (H2SO4)
pH : 3.14

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