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Galamus 2020 Magnum

Galamus 2020 Magnum

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Galamus 2020 Magnum

Premium cuvee of Domaine Grier which is a tribute to the emblematic and exceptional site of Fenouillèdes: the Gorges de Galamus. This wine will lift the spirits of all those who taste it. Galamus develops noble and powerful tannins which, combined with an attractive roundness, gives great fullness to the wine.


Grape varieties

Syrah 35 % Carignan 35 % Grenache noir 30 %


Schistose marls The vines, cultivated as trellis and gobelets, are harvested at an optimal phenolic maturity in order to garantee a high quality of tannins and a beautiful elegance of the fruit.


After destemming followed by light crushing, the grapes are vatted directly. Fermentation is then carried out around 26°C and the work of the wine is done by pumping over. The vatting is more or less long depending on the grape varieties. After pressing and rackling, the wines are blended to achieve malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels and then continue their aging for 12 months. Bottling takes place after one year of aging.


Beautiful maturity with a nose of remarkable complexity where the oak and the fruit respect each other.


Develops noble and powerful tannins which, combined with an atractive roundness, give great fullness to the wine.