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Olympus 2014

Olympus 2014

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Olympus 2014

Top of the range cuvee of Domaine Grier, with production of only 1 000 bottles per year, and only in good years! Olympus is aged in oak barrels for 18 months, and then the wine is aged in bottle in our cellars, in optimal conditions, to finally be offered to you. A great wine from Roussillon.



Syrah 75 % Grenache noir 25 %


The grapes from oldest parcels are picked up at perfect phenolic maturity


The grapes are destemmed to be vinified in natural fermentation, punctuated by regular gentle pump overs. After 4 weeks of maceration, the wine is racked into French oak barrels for the malolactic fermentation in wood. After maturing for 18 months, the wine is rackled three times before bottling to avoid any filtration. The blend is determined very precisely after fermentation and before aging, to obtain a wine with a very elegant structure and great complexity, typical of the great wines of Roussillon.


This a wine with a well-balanced structure between power and elegance. On this subtle marriage between aromas of black fruits and spices with a hint of liquorice, the wood brings its touch which completes the harmony of the whole.