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Rosé 2021

Rosé 2021

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Rosé 2021

This cuvee combines the elegance of Grenache and the freshness of Carignan. Our Rosé has pale pink reflections, a delicate nose of red fruit and a remarkable freshness, reflecting the high altitude terroir where this wine was born.


Grape Variety

Grenache 70% Carignan 30 %


Schistose marls. The vines, are trained as gobelets and the grapes are harvested early enough to keep a nice freshness


The grapes are pressed directly, preserving the juices from any oxidation. After cooling, the juices remain in static settling for 48 hours, then are cleared to be fermented at 14°C. Once the vinification is completed, the blend is made between the wines from the two grape varieties which have been vinified separately. The rosé cuvée thus obtained is bottled quickly, always with the aim of optimizing the freshness of the product.


Delicate aromas of small red fruits as well as some floral notes.


Lively, fresh and thirst-quenching with very pleasant fruity flavors.