Domaine Grier

The vineyard

Imagine venturing off the beaten track in a lost corner of rural France, to follow a small path into a dark forest of green oaks. With each step you become increasingly surrounded by a cooling breeze and the gentle sound of the waters of the Boulzane River. The path crosses this little watercourse and soon introduces you to an oasis of light shining down upon glorious vines…this is La Vignerie, the vineyards of Domaine Grier.

22 ha is an unusually large single block in this part of the world. Situated 300m above sea level, with no direct neighbors the Domaine Grier vines are planted on unique sites in the region. The vineyard was planted in the 1970’s by Jean-Michel Pech (former owner and close friend of the Grier family) together with Jean Galobardès both of whom continue to look care for the vines every day. Maccabeu, is the only white cultivar planted here, and the 3 typical red cultivars of the Roussillon are found here namely Shiraz, Carignan and Grenache Noir. To complement the white, the Grier family have purchased a block of Chardonnay 500m from the original vineyard.

The vineyard is perfectly located and benefits from its position close to the Boulzane River and “la Tramontane”, a wind which blows aproximately 150 days a year.

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Jean-Michel Pech, Simon Grier & Jean Galobardes

The wind helps keep the vineyards clean by regularly “sweeping” the leaves, the vines and the grapes, limiting the effect of disease and other possible problems. The black schiste soils in which the vines are growing add minerality to the wines produced here. The vineyards enjoy plenty of sunshine due to their N/S orientation and thanks to the proximity of the Pyrenees also receives sufficient rain. Just the right amount of wind, sun, and rain together with well-drained soils and the exceptional terroir which combines to produce the superb wines of Domaine Grier.